Community Nebelschütz
with the districts of Dürrwicknitz, Miltitz, Nebelschütz, Piskowitz, Wendischbaselitz.

The LPG Miltitz cattle barn system was in operation until 1990, when the system stood empty for years. In the meantime, part of this facility has been acquired by the Nebelschütz community and converted into a building yard.

The professional storage and preparation of: wooden beams, bricks, roof tiles, pavement slabs, windows and doors takes place in the building yard. This used building material, in good usable condition, was used for the renovation or construction of the hero house, shop, exhibition and seminar rooms, the Nebelschütz youth club, hairdressing salons, Krabat offices and the community library.

Mr. Silvio Reineke is responsible in the building yard and is taking care that the former cowshed gets a new look. Inside, workrooms, an office, storage rooms and a recreation room are being created. Rooms will be made available to the community associations to store their items.

Currently, the recently acquired 2nd part of the former cowshed is being converted into commercial storage space. Some tenants have already moved in.


Nebelschütz construction yardbauhof.jpg
Lindenstreet 21
01920 Nebelschütz

Yard manager
Silvio Reineke
Cell phone: 0173/2703987

Opening times:
Mo - Fr 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Current information & advice:



15 pupils and students
of class 7c of the
Lessing Gymnasium  in Kamenz
Thanks to Mrs and Mr Rehor from Wendischbaselitz for their support!


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Städtebauliche Entwicklung

Aufruf zum Flächentausch privater Eigentümer mit der Gemeinde Nebelschütz zur Bauflächenentwicklung.

Baugebiet Nebelschütz

Vom potentiellen Erschließer gibt es aktuell wirtschaftliche Abwägungen zur Fortführung des Baugebietes Nebelschütz (Teilfläche 176/6). Interessenten können unter ihren Bedarf anmelden.

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