Community Nebelschütz
with the districts of Dürrwicknitz, Miltitz, Nebelschütz, Piskowitz, Wendischbaselitz.

gemeinde in sachsenThe municipality of Nebelschütz with its 5 districts is in an exposed location directly on the S 100, between Kamenz (3 km) and Bautzen (20 km). The A4 motorway (Dresden-Bautzen) can be reached quickly and easily with the Uhyst and Burkau junctions after about 7 and 10 km, respectively. The S 102 motorway slip road (Ruhland-Burkau), which is currently under construction, will connect the Nebelschütz community to the important north-south motorway axis A13 (Dresden-Berlin).

Via the Görlitz border crossing on the A 4, you can quickly reach Poland after 70 km or 40 minutes on the motorway. The municipality of Nebelschütz is connected to the other EU neighboring country, the Czech Republic, via various border junctions after around 70 km.

Dresden-Klotsche Airport is about 40 km or 30 minutes by car from the municipality of Nebelschütz. From the airport you can take the S-Bahn to the ICE train station Dresden-Neustadt in about 10 minutes. From here, other S-Bahn trains run to Kamenz every hour. Regular buses connect the Kamenz bus station with Nebelschütz.

"The learning village"

Fifteen years ago, the Sorbian town of “Njebjelčicy” / Nebelschütz set out to become an angel with sustainability, initiative and community. Above all, it is essential to bring rural life back into harmony with the environment. The community lives out of itself, the active involvement of citizens leads to a self-confident approach to oneself, to the assumption of responsibility and local independence.

The Himmelsort Nebelschütz, called Njebjelčicy in Sorbian, is a village with around 1,200 Sorbian and German residents. In the five districts of the bilingual community, there are not only traces of the Sorbian language and culture. Above all, it is essential to bring rural life back into harmony with the environment bring. When Thomas Zschornak decided on the office of mayor shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the community underwent constant change. After about 30 years it becomes clear that it is possible to create local independence in terms of education, art and culture, but also sustainable economic activity and energy supply. Taking responsibility is the key to empowerment. For more than 15 years now, the community has opted for sustainable development. Giving something back to the earth and designing the rooms to be rich in species contributes significantly to increasing the quality of life. As different as a person can be, the character of each one is just as different District. The active involvement of the residents and the recognition of the many Special features on site, leads you to a self-confident way of dealing with yourself and yourself, literally, precious environment. With a lot of courage to be creative, suddenly there are so many Opportunities for participation visible for each individual. The church lives of itself out. With the guiding principle of "warm, ecological, creative, Sorbian", the projects lead to longevity, or as Nebelschütz also likes to call it "grandchildren". Let the history of the heavenly place guide you into a fruitful future.

History of the districts

The history of the five districts Nebelschütz (Njebjelčicy), Wendischbaselitz (Serbske Pazlicy), Miltitz (Miłoćicy), Piskowitz (Pěskecy) and Dürrwicknitz (Wěteńca) can be documented until the early 13th century (1225). The proximity to the St. Marienstern Monastery, founded in 1248, resulted in close political, economic and cultural-historical ties.
Stately three-sided courtyards, beautiful cottages and Christian monuments characterize the rural community area. The most impressive buildings are the parish church in Nebelschütz and the former manor in Piskowitz.
The Jauer (Jawora) stream meanders through Miltitz and Nebelschütz. It was dammed up between the two districts to form a considerable reservoir, which served anglers as an ideal hunting ground. However, this has been drained since 2005.
Sports centers form the sports area in Nebelschütz and the beautifully situated forest sports field in Piskowitz. Both facilities are used and managed by two active sports clubs. The strongest community club is the Sportgemeinschaft Nebelschütz e.V. (Sportowa jednotka Njebjelčicy z.t.) with 7 men's soccer teams.
In all parts of the village, numerous associations and individuals strive for active village life. Most of the time they act in the background. But they are an indispensable basis for a peaceful and content village community.


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Städtebauliche Entwicklung

Aufruf zum Flächentausch privater Eigentümer mit der Gemeinde Nebelschütz zur Bauflächenentwicklung.

Baugebiet Nebelschütz

Vom potentiellen Erschließer gibt es aktuell wirtschaftliche Abwägungen zur Fortführung des Baugebietes Nebelschütz (Teilfläche 176/6). Interessenten können unter ihren Bedarf anmelden.

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