Community Nebelschütz
with the districts of Dürrwicknitz, Miltitz, Nebelschütz, Piskowitz, Wendischbaselitz.

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district Nebelschütz
founding 1991
club number VR 8190
chairman/chairperson Helena Koreng
deputy Annabel Ziesche
cashier Paula Oswald & Alena Krautschick
number of members 25


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  • 21. - 23.06.20024 village fest in Nebelschütz
    2024 06 21 23 Nebelschuetz Dorffest
  • 07. - 09.06.2024 - 48h Action
    2024 06 08 48h Aktion

    Last weekend, the Nebelschütz youth club took part in the 48h campaign. It started on Friday afternoon with the information boards on the bus shelters, which after cleaning and sanding now shine in a new colour new colour. On Saturday, we continued with the bridge railings at the ‘Heldhaus’, which, after thorough sanding, was given a new coat of
    green colour. Meanwhile, the other half of the members in the youth club were busy recycling the old old village festival posters and renewing them for the upcoming village festival for the upcoming village festival. After lunch, the mayor of the municipality of
    André Bulang, the mayor of Nebelschütz, and two representatives of the 48h campaign
    the hard-working helpers themselves. The Nebelschütz youth club would like to thank the community for the materials provided and the organizers of the participants in the 48h campaign for the lovely gifts.

  • 26.05.2024 - Maypole throwing in Nebelschütz
  • 30.04.2024 - Maypole raising n Nebelschütz
    2024 Maibaum Nebelschütz TS 2


    • 03.12.2023 - from 3 pm Advent market in Nebelschütz ⇒
    • 04.11.2023 Halloween Café (in cooperation with the Kulturcafé) ⇒
    • 11. - 13.08.2023 Danci + H.L.B. + village festival in Nebelschütz
      Nebelschütz – Summer, sun and village festival.
      In many villages, the village festival is an integral part of the summer months, and Nebelschütz is no exception. But this village festival was different from many others. Under the name "Danci", the Nebelschütz youth club invited guests to a very special dance evening on Friday, 11.08.23, which revolved around the theme of inclusion. Among the guests were residents of the nursing homes from Panschwitz and Schmeckwitz, who celebrated together with other guests from the surrounding area. To ensure that everything ran smoothly, the youth club began preparations weeks in advance. From the flyers to the music to the food, everything was thoroughly planned. The plan was to create a party atmosphere in which everyone, without exception, could feel comfortable; no one was to be excluded from the party. Two tents were erected on the fairground, both of which were laid with wooden flooring. In addition, a wooden path extended from the tent to the fairground entrance, making it possible for wheelchair users and visitors with walking aids to safely cross the grounds. The adjacent sportsmen's home provided its toilets as a barrier-free alternative. The evening was accompanied by DJ Duo Papayo, consisting of two members of the youth club, who celebrated their DJ debut. A complete success, the music met the taste of the visitors. There was a lot of celebrating and even more dancing. The highlight of the evening was the raffle, where besides the main prize, a music box, many smaller and some consolation prizes could be won, so that nobody had to go home empty-handed. There was a lot of positive feedback, not only from the guests, but also from everyone involved, who enjoyed the evening very much and there is already talk of a next, similar event. On Saturday, the festivities continued. The DJs set the mood and many guests gathered on the dance floor. Due to the good weather, however, most of the guests were outside on the beer benches. The area was illuminated by several fairy lights, which created a cosy atmosphere. The fire brigade supported the youth club and sold chips and hot dogs to the hungry guests. To remember the evening, there was the possibility to have photos taken in a photo box. Sunday was a little quieter, but not with fewer guests. The people of the village came together after church for the 11-man procession, and there were again chips and grilled food as well as fish sandwiches provided. In the afternoon the colourful programme started, put together by the youth club and youth choir of Nebelschütz. The specially written programme, which had already created a good atmosphere, laughter and much applause the evening before, also brought good humour to the audience on Sunday. Afterwards, the guests were able to enjoy a musical performance by the youth choir with coffee, cake and the most beautiful sunshine. The cake was baked by the local history and culture association in Nebelschütz and was completely sold out by the end of the afternoon. The children did not miss out either. In addition to face painting, a large bouncy castle and a puppet theatre, the children had a great time chasing the candy men.
      The Nebelschütz Youth Club would like to thank all those involved for their great help and support during set-up and dismantling, but also during the three days of the party
      2023 08 JCN Bild 1 2023 08 JCN Bild 4

      2023 08 11 Handflyer Danci
      2023 08 JCN Bild 2
      2023 08 JCN Bild 1
      2023 08 JCN Bild 5
    • 24.07.2023 Satkula Beach Volleyball

      2023 Satkula Beach Volleyballtour
    • 16.07.2023 Lecture about New Zealand
      2023 07 16 Vortrag Neuseeland Bjesada

    • 30.06.2023 handover of the OHTL Award
      2023 06 30 OHTL JCN Preisverleihung Nebelschuetz
    • 21.05.2023 throwing the maypole
      2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 1 2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 4 2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 6
      2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 3 2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 5 2023 05 21 Maibaumwerfen Nebelschütz JCN 7

30.04.2023 Putting
the maypole
2023 04 30 Maibaumstellen Nebelschütz

25.032023 Easter
handicraft café

Oster basteln Flyer

18.+19.02.2023 Eastercafé
Ostereierverzieren in Nebelschutz zweisprachig

21.01.2023 handicraft café
2023 01 21 Kindervormittag 21.01.2023

18.01.2023 Handover Youth Engagement Award 2022

Preisubergabe JC Nebelschutz Engagementpreis 2022


30.10.2022 Autumncafé
27.08.2022 H.L.B.
03.07.2022 Summer Café

15.05.2022 throwing the
maypole with "Serbska reja
30.04.2022 Putting the maypole

02.04.2022 Waste action day




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Städtebauliche Entwicklung

Aufruf zum Flächentausch privater Eigentümer mit der Gemeinde Nebelschütz zur Bauflächenentwicklung.

Baugebiet Nebelschütz

Vom potentiellen Erschließer gibt es aktuell wirtschaftliche Abwägungen zur Fortführung des Baugebietes Nebelschütz (Teilfläche 176/6). Interessenten können unter ihren Bedarf anmelden.

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