Community Nebelschütz
with the districts of Dürrwicknitz, Miltitz, Nebelschütz, Piskowitz, Wendischbaselitz.

1st season 1969/70: Georg I. & Sabine I.
"Zimpe, zampe, milk the cow where you can!"
2nd season 1970/71: Georg z. & Renate I.von Autonien-Schlosseranien zu Amenien
"Whom it hits, it knocks down!"
3rd season 1971/72: Georg III. & Luzia I.of Schieneranien
"Be nice to each other!"
4th season 1972/73: Harald I. & Roswitha I. of Agronomia
"Today we'll bang the drum!"
5th season 1973/74 Johann I. & Agnes I. of Sanda alla Grubien
"And when we get pumped up, we don't let ourselves get ragged!"
6th season 1974/75 Steffen I. & Brigitte I. of Fliegeranien
7th season 1975/76 Johannes I. & Regina I. of Sanda alla Mühlen
"A little love, a little wine!"
8th season 1976/77 Daniel I. & Adelheid I. von Sankt Stermarien
"Half past seven klock to the shark bar!"
9th season 1977/78 Martin I. & Brigitte II. von Pädagogien
"Life love laugh!"

10th season 1978/79 Horst I. & Gabriele I. of Mauzikanien
"La luna romantika!"
11th season 1979/80 Benno I. & Edeltraut I. of Schäferania
"Wendischbaselitz nights are long!"
12th season 1980/81 Hans Christian I. & Gisela I. von Spachtelhausen
"We're going to treat ourselves while we still can!"
13th season 1981/82 Lothar I. & Annemarie I. of Melorania
"With humour through the hunter's Latin it shall be today and always!"
14th season 1982/83 Bernhard I. & Bettina I. of Glotzefonien
"How comfortable is he who now and then, can afford his theatre!"
15th season 1983/84 Stephan I. & Birgit I. von Stein- Allewitz
"Red roses, red lips, red wine!
~~~~~~~ 1984/85 Krise~~~~~~~~~
16th season 1985/86 Marcel I. & Christine I. von Allee Sankt Lindanien
"We'll survive all that!"
17th season 1986/87 John II & Elisabeth I of Mosty de'la Swimming Pool
"Yes it can happen to anyone!"
18th season 1987/88 Peter I. & Anne I. von Buckelbergien
"Far away jolly parties, great happiness and nice guests!"
19th season 1988/89 Rafael I. & Cornelia I. von Nagema Kanonie
"Never miss a celebration!"

20th season 1989/90 Heinz I. & Elisabeth II. von Insel Wässerle
"The best thing about beer is thirst!"
21st season 1990/91 Johannes III & Agnes II of Michelhof
"Dreams under the rainbow!"
22nd season 1991/92 Thomas I. & Beate I. from Biberhausen
"First drink and laugh, then do your thing!"
23rd season 1992/93 Johannes IV. & Monika I. from Elektrofizikanien
"All that glitters is not gold!"
24th season 1993/94 Michael I. & Marion I. from the vineyards
"With drink and jest, the heart remains happy!"
25th season 1994/95 Matthias I. & Martina I. from Megalitonien
"The WCV comes year after year, this time it is silver!"
26th season 1995/96 Christoph I. & Simone I. von Lehmklumpien
"Euro 2000-All under one hat!"
27th season 1996/97 Sebastian I. & Andrea I. of Kiesmanien
"Keep going when och die Säge klemmt!"
28th season 1997/98 Norman I. & Franziska I. von Gastronomien
"What burns in the heart, you can tell by the face!"
29th season 1998/99 Thomas II: & Jeannettte I. of Leasmania
"Let's fly happily into the future!"

30th season 1999/2000 Joachim I. & Felicitas I. vom Dorfkrug
"Clear as daylight for the next 1000 years!
31st season 2000/01 Thomas III & Andrea II from Niederlandien
"Enjoy the happiness!"
32nd season 2001/02 Ralf I. & Lilo I. von der Schanze
"Narretei Helau Alaaf, from tomorrow we will be good again!"
33. season 2002/03 Jurij IV. & Sabine II. of Tubatonia
"A look back, a look ahead, the 33rd party here in the house!"
34th season 2003/04 Steffen II: & Sabine III: from Mountainbikejen
"With a joke on your lips you overcome many a cliff!"
35th Season 2004/05 Sebastian II. & Maria I. of Unimogien
"Satisfaction and humour, they happen far too rarely!"
36th season 2005/06 Hubertus I. & Eva-Maria I. of Fliesonien
"Friends take heart, people are good!"
37th season 2006/07 Andreas I. & Kornelia II. von Nuckelhausen
"The spice of life is brevity!"
38th season 2007/08 Andreas II. & Anke I.von der Sportplatz-Höhe
"Everyone loves beautiful curves!"
39th season 2008/09 Krisztian I. & Antje I.von den Ertelwiesen
"Like the breeding like the fruit!"

40th season 2009/10 Carsten I. & Annett I. from the top of the trees
"The last one pays the piper!"
41st season 2010/11: Frank I. and Anja I.
"Better crazy than boring!"
42. season 2011/12: Michael II. and Kati I.
"From the sweet beginning to the bitter end!"
43. season 2012/12: Frank II. and Claudia I.
"We save what can be saved!"
44th season 2013/14: Frank III. and Manuela I.
"At 44 it's all going round - there's no reason to stop!"
45th season 2014/15: Andreas III. and Diana I.
"Water makes you wise, wine makes you funny, so we drink both to be everything!"
46th season 2015/16: Matthias II. and Herta I.
"Fun until the beams bend!"
47th Season 2016/17: Daniel II. and Bernadette I.
"Nothing stays the same!"
48th season 2017/18: Jens I. and Sylvia I.
"Cheeky lips, red mouth, at carnival you kiss yourself healthy!"
49th season 2018/19: Michael III and Christina I.
"At carnival, as in life, some things often go wrong!"

50th season 2019/20 Marcel II. & Christina II. from "the tartar quarry"
"The WCV celebrates round, 50 years of motley!"
51st Season 2022/23: Clemens I. and Celine I. of "Sägespanien"
"The wait is over, today all the walls are shaking!"
52st Season 2023/24: Tobias I. and Lucija II. of "Wotrojan recovery hill"
"Celebrate with us and love the jug, the rest of the year is serious enough!"

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Städtebauliche Entwicklung

Aufruf zum Flächentausch privater Eigentümer mit der Gemeinde Nebelschütz zur Bauflächenentwicklung.

Baugebiet Nebelschütz

Vom potentiellen Erschließer gibt es aktuell wirtschaftliche Abwägungen zur Fortführung des Baugebietes Nebelschütz (Teilfläche 176/6). Interessenten können unter ihren Bedarf anmelden.

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